Dr. Rocío Roman has been practicing Dentistry since 1997 after graduating from Instituto Politécnico Nacional School of Dentistry. Mexico city. She then continued her residency at Hospital General Jojutla Morelos México.
In 2000 Dr Rocío Roman completed her specialty in Orthodontics at CEIO,Mexico city (Advanced Education and Research Center).                                                                                     
  • Oral and  Maxillofacial Surgery Seminar. Cruz Roja Mexicana México city 1998
  • Orthodontics-  CEIO and Colegio Internacional de Ortodoncia .México city 2000 
  • Restorative Destistry and Prosthodontics - CEMRO and Asociación Michoacana en Rehabilitación Odontologíca




  • Annual World Dental Congress - Asociación Dental Mexicana,  México D.F
  • World Seminar on Pediatric Dentistry -Academia Mexicana de Odontopediatria México D.F
  • Continuing Dental Education Course – The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • Seminar on Cosmetic Dentistry – Unitec Mexico D.F
  • Annual Congress on Prosthodontics - Academia Mexicana de Prostodoncia México D.F
  • Seminar on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - Cruz Roja Mexicana México D.F
  • World Congress on Orthodontics – UNAM Mexico D.F
  • World Seminar on Orthodontics and Orthopedia Mexico D.F
  • Annual Seminar on Orthodontics and Alexander Technic – Centro Médico Nacional México D.F
  • Annual Seminar: The Quality of Esthetics by Ivoclar Vivadent - México city
  • Annual World Congress on Oral Rehabilitation – CEMRO Morelia Michoacán
  • Annual Dental Congress  –  Hospital Nacional Homeopático y Universidad Westhill Facultad de Odontología México D.F

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